“Picture Me”

THE GLITZ Sara Ziff’s documentary, “Picture Me” gives us a glimpse into the world of modeling and shows us what transpires on the “other side” … of both the camera and the catwalk. Her boyfriend, Ole, is a film student; Thus when she wished to chronicle her journey through the world of the waify supermodel, he willingly took on the task – following her fashionista adventures through the multi-tiered land.. Read More

Bust a Blood Lust

For my “True Blood” lovies out there. So, according to the show, vampires cry blood, they snot blood, they obviously bleed blood, and all of their bodily functions w/regard to fluids are… you guessed it: blood… So, then, not that the guy vamps would necessarily be turned off when girls have their lady time each month *anyway* (quite the contrary, I suppose, since that’s kinda their “thing”). However, I missed.. Read More

Adventures in W♀mderland

My girlfriend and I aimlessly spend afternoons texting back and forth – an endless conversation of what amounts to the typical female verbal dissection/hewing up and analyzing of our respective body parts. I am willing to make two bets: Firstly, that she and I aren’t the only duos discussing these “I could TREE hop with these tricep batwings of mine” conversation topics; And, secondly, that we do more psychological dissection.. Read More

Screen Captcha

I’m convinced that someone sits around making up fun captcha words all day. That’s their job, and they get paid to do it. So, in their honor, sometimes I try to figure out what the words would mean if they had a real place in the English language. For example, the following is a gem I encountered today while filling out an error report to be sent to Facebook. I.. Read More

Caught in a Bad Re-Vamp

I’m upset, dear, readers. I’m upset because I wrote a very long, introspective blog that magically disappeared, (even though I am positive that I saved it as I went along). Just disappeared. And when I’m upset, either ugly things can happen, or beautiful things can happen. For instance, one “beautiful” thing I usually will do, is to channel it into writing and venting verbally. Healthy! However, given the situation at.. Read More

Gifts with Strings

There’s nothing I can say regarding what happened to Japan that hasn’t already been said. With the exception of how the world is responding in the aftermath. For the most part, people are doing a great deal to donate everything from money to actual clothing and goods for those who have been without their creature comforts. Charities and the like seem to be getting inundated with phone calls from people.. Read More

Ash-ley Wednesday – Cafeteria Catolica

Ah… Pre-Spring Season. Allergies. Rain. Flowers budding…The smell of the Lenten Catholics lording their religion over you. Pardon the Pun. Them: “What are *you* giving up for lent?” (Translation)~ “I’m allegedly Catholic! And even though I know that you aren’t, I’m going to rub in your face that I’m giving up something I enjoy. And while it’s supposed to be an altruistic self denial in the name of ‘God’, I’ll.. Read More

It would be easy to make another Charlie Sheen joke…

… so, clearly, I’m going to keep doing it until he comes down off whatever it is he’s on. Megalomaniac mining through a mix of meth and mania episodes? Who knows. All I know, is that this blog entry may end up being added to, excised, or modified in general over the coming days as I see fit. But for now, I just want to throw out an idea. If.. Read More

Hair-oin of the Dog.

The morning after tying one on, they tell you to sip a bit of “whatever it was you drank last night” along with your OJ and greasy vittles. It’s an age old suggestion for curing hangovers. And the act is coined “Hair of the Dog” because, comparatively (and metaphorically) speaking, if the amount you drank the previous night were symbolized by a great big dog, you’re only consuming a “hair”.. Read More