For You From Me: Springtime Ear Candy

Last month, my computer caught syphilis and bit the dust. Then, like Jesus, it came back to me in a few days. Also like Jesus, it was thusly put to use instantly for purposes other than that for which it was intended. Namely, music listening. That’s not that bad really – but what is a travesty is that my itunes assimilation is now fkkd four ways to Friday (is that.. Read More

Creepy Canine: Top 10 Ways Your Dog’s A Horror-Show

Alright, you asked for it. Actually, nobody asked for this. (How weird would it be if somebody actually requested a list like this? Isn’t it weird enough that I made one up?) Okay. Here goes. Top 10 ways the senior canine you care for is not a far cry from a classic horror flick: 1. EXORCIST She walks up to you from the other room (on all fours, of course).. Read More