Fresh pressed high fructose corn syrup, anyone?

I guess I was a few months late when I posted this and the comment reply: (Greg’s default is a nice retrospective foreshadowing to the pranky skittle-shake which you’ll see in a sec.) ‘cause Jimmy Kimmel’d already beat me to it back in January, apparently. And, yes, it’s everything I’d dreamed of. I’ll be honest. We health nuts can get pretty annoying. In retrospect, even that post I made back.. Read More

Laughter makes us better tee-hee-heem players

Laughter may be the “best medicine” – but I like to know where my drugs come from. So, I did a lil research. While I’ve written about comedy before, I’ve never managed to get to the causes behind the actual act of laughter. From an evolutionary standpoint – why would we do that? What purpose would it serve? With language or circumstances, it’s usually to do with learning something in.. Read More