Does online dating make you superficial?

So, it looks like I’m on a VICE binge this week. Today’s? One on how superficial online dating makes you. Now, I can’t say what that’s like. I’ve met one guy online that ended ultimately in a hookup once in my life – in the land before MySpace (we had this thing called CampusHook back when I was starting out in colleg-…Jesus I sound old. Abort. ABORT! Close parentheses in.. Read More

On deck documentaries: “Approaching the Elephant”

Next on deck for films that won’t be a total waste of time to watch? The documentary on “free schools” called “Approaching The Elephant”. Back in high school, I remember seeing this one Justin Long movie where he creates a college based around, well, basically whatever the kids who come there feel like doing. It sounds like a fun idea in theory (and, technically, not terribly different from how actual.. Read More

Robots will raid your wardrobe this year.

Well we all knew robots were taking over the globe. But our clothes? Hold onto your Wall-E seats (mostly ‘cause you’re too fat and can’t move anymore and nothing else is in reach) because in mildly ridiculous news, the latest sartorial technology is this robot… that zips and unzips your clothes for you. Granted, I see this working beautifully for the handicapped and old people (even though maybe the robots.. Read More

The Walking Denim: JNCOs resurrected from grave of grade 8

Back when I was in the middle to high school era, the 70’s were making a comeback. The halls were filled with daisies and smiley face tops, platform shoes, and bell bottom jeans that looked like our spindly legs had been supplanted by dual Dysons made of denim. We even resurrected such phrases as “Groovy” and “Keep on truckin’” for god knows what reason. And as I’d traipse off to.. Read More

I’m shocked… at Sourcefed’s poor taste on this electrocution story.

Ya know, depending on my mood, I can sometimes be a real douche on here. I’ll lightly mock celebrities and disperse low level subject matter into the minds of my poor unassuming readers. In my defense, my intentions generally start out all well and good (to entertain, if nothing else), but sometimes they get twisted, and if it makes any of you ever feel anything other than a grin spread.. Read More

Why this woman bought her husband’s mistress lingerie.

I didn’t know how to react to this story at first. I mean it starts off like a pretty typical cheater tale: A woman opens her hubby’s suitcase to see a Viccy’s Secret bag in there with a nightie in red – a color she deliberately avoided wearing well into adulthood because she was “always told” it looked terrible against her fair skin and strawberry blonde hair. Hubby knew this.. Read More

How other nation’s high school lunch noms compare to ours…

Not terribly long ago, I wrote about how terrible high school lunches are. There’re plenty of lelfies (lunch selfies – a word I’m pretty sure I just made up) being posted up to Twitter with the hashtag #thanksmichelleobama demonstrating how awful they truly are, so the evidence is clearly there. And I recall it myself from one million years ago – it’s just that, sadly, nothing’s improved since I left… Read More

Are we “picking the wrong lovers” Or just lazy?

There was this cute movie Jenny McCarthy once did called “Dirty Love”. It was fun for what it was – a mindless, fluffy, sexy, comedy – but you’d hurt your brain if you looked too deeply. Which, natch, I tried to do. While the message is supposed to be good – about seeking out “pure” love versus “dirty” love with the kind of low-level sorta person you think you “deserve”.. Read More